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WARM BLOGGER Mobile Presets

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These Warm Blogger Lightroom Presets are amazing presets for anyone looking for warmer tones to add to their images. These mobile presets will create warm and rich tones with added vibrance and clarity. These presets are perfect for the beach and city shots. You will receive 3 mobile presets after purchasing this listing, going from brightest to darkest. Works best on photos taken outside but can work on indoor images with just a bit more tweaking.

Warm Blogger1 - (DNG file)
Warm Blogger2 - (DNG file)
Warm Blogger3 - (DNG file)

  • Compatible with Lightroom mobile
  • Compatible with JPG

Presets work best when applied to high quality well lit images. I often shoot with my I phone X and these work great! Make sure to adjust exposure when needed.

These presets will create a great base for you to create a beautiful aesthetic, but because of difference in lighting, shooting style and camera used, results may vary. Nothing that a little bit of tweaking can't fix.

I'm always happy to help you use the preset(s) to the best of your abilities so don't hesitate to private message me would you encounter any issue or have any questions before purchase!

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of the content, once downloaded, I cannot issue refunds.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the content, I cannot issue refunds. Though, I'm happy to help you with any issue or difficulties you may encounter using the preset.

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