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CREAMY Desktop Lightroom Presets

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Creamy Desktop Lightroom Presets

Inspired by famous bloggers, these lightroom presets will add a magical touch to any photo! The This set of presets will give your photos bright creamy tones.
I created this preset with the travel and lifestyle blogger in mind who's looking for a warm theme for their instagram feed. This preset works great on outdoor pictures.

I tried making this preset as versatile as I could but please note that your pictures may need some additional adjustments based on your lighting, shooting style, camera settings, etc...

I'm always happy to help you use the preset(s) to the best of your abilities so don't hesitate to private message me would you encounter any issue or have any questions!

This set includes 4 presets (lrtemplate):

1. Creamy 1 (Warm glow)
2. Creamy 2 (Cooler glow)
3. Creamy 3 (Pastel glow)
4. Creamy 4 (Pastel contrast glow)
5. Creamy 5 (Sunkissed glow)

Presets may need a few adjustements as all photos have different lighting, camera settings, colors, shooting style, etc... I would suggest playing around with the:



-Colors (red, orange, green)

BY PURCHASING THIS ITEM, YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY AGREEING TO THE FOLLOWING: Do not share or sell the files in any form. These presets may only be used by the buyer (single user).

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